Monthly Archives: March 2021

The new war

When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.
African proverb

We live in interesting times. Unfortunately.
Times of illness, insulation, travel restrictions, lack of normal communication and human contacts. Times of death. Times when we often find out that somebody we knew has passed away.
Times of bankruptcy and many personal tragedies.

Also these times were times of hope. Times when human mind is ahead of itself. When science was able to find solution against a completely unknown illness within just one year!

Unfortunately these new events have shown that it is impossible for humanity to unite in front of a common enemy. Immediately after the vaccines were developed blows began below the waist. A trade war broke out between pharmaceutical giants.

As a result of that war, vaccination was delayed. Many people, who hesitated whether to be vaccinated may give up. Meanwhile the virus has more time to mutate and to become resistant to the vaccines. Many people will die because they will be not vaccinated on time.

Conspiratorial minds would say, that this is on purpose to be created need of new vaccines.
I think the explanation is simple – just greed.

A greed which costs human lives.

But, “à la guerre comme à la guerre”.
In every war, people die. No matter if the war is fought with guns and bombs, or it is a different kind of war.
People are suffering when the giants fight.